Monday, August 9, 2010

Social Justice Defined

Many today, including some in conservative churches, have bought into the social justice movement that claims to support “social justice” but actually favors things that violate social justice. They are really in favor of statist and Marxist solutions to poverty and other perceived ills in the world. They have hijacked the word justice to make Marxism and big government seem to be the just and right thing to do. But is what they advocate actually just? Many of them support the following list of things that violate justice and oppose the list of things that uphold justice. Don’t be fooled by their deception and remember that social mercy and social compassion are totally different concepts that all conservatives and Christians can support. Justice and mercy have totally different meanings.

Social justice is violated by:

1) Killing unborn babies through abortion. 
2) Spreading the wealth around by taking from some through taxes to give to others.
3) Discriminating against people based on their race or sex.
4) Discriminating in favor of people based on their race or sex.
5) Discriminating and persecuting people who do not conform to the current politically correct liberal world-view.
6) Intolerance of politically incorrect opinions.

Social justice is upheld by:
1) Liberty and freedom.
2) Tolerance for all including conservative and Christian opinions and values.
3) Minimal government interference with people’s lives and activities.
4) Strong law enforcement and national defense.
5) Fair and impartial judicial system.
6) Economic freedom through free enterprise system.

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