Saturday, August 7, 2010

My purpose

(1) Affirm and proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ as summarized by the five sola’s of the reformation. While I agree with much doctrine that is contained in confessions and creeds, my only authority for doctrine is my understanding of the Holy Bible [sola Scriptura].  I have also benefited and learned much from great theologians and preachers and I am grateful to all of them, but Scripture alone is my final authority. 

(2) To unashamedly stand up for the liberty, freedom, and traditional values associated with America that are under assault by the liberal folly of our day. I peacefully but aggressively defend conservative principles.

(3) Display photographs and computer art.

(4) Attempt to always use as much humor as possible in everything other than the serious discussion of religion.

(5) Invite anyone to debate and discuss anything on this blog as neither my religious or political beliefs are set in stone.  However, they do rest on the solid foundation of the WORD.

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